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Sketch Meetup Turkey

Event date: July 11, 2017

We’ve teamed up with Sketch for the first official Sketch App meetup in Turkey. The goal was to share the significant changes our workflow has gone through after fully switching to Sketch, while introducing Sketch itself to professional designers as a new, powerful and efficient tool.

The workshop consisted of live design tutorials, detailed presentations on the new design ecosystem we’ve built around Sketch. The workshop was carried out by our creative director Alaa Alnuaimi and then art director Kemal Çağrı Yurtbaşı.

Since this was our very first workshop, we were worried about the attendance but luckily the workshop sold out days before! Over 40 designers from various local and global agencies attended and more than 90% (based on past-event surveys) wanted us to do another workshop!

-99 design studio