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UX Folks v.2

Event date: April 7, 2019

For most agencies, focusing on what they do best is the most natural and safest route. Agency or not, trying something new can be frightening in the sense that whether we will be able to pull it off or not. This was the case for UX Folks’ second event. We were asked to mentor a whole interactive session and challenge attendees in the name of UX. For this, we’ve decided to come up with a workshop on our own and named it Bricks [minus] Blocks.

Bricks [minus] Blocks is an interactive UX workshop. The workshop aims to imitate the philosophy of creating a whole from little pieces and taking apart and bettering the little pieces that create the whole. The core idea is to be able to push the boundaries of existing experiences by getting inspirations from nature and our mentors, while battling against constraints time and demands.

What we observed during this UX challenge was how different designers from different backgrounds managed to work together in perfect harmony. Everyone just focused on the task at hand while the tiny rivalry between groups motivated them even more.

You can read more about our Bricks [minus] Blocks challenge here on Medium!

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