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Ready, Aim, Fire!

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Our latest project for Flormar including lots and lots of colourful pellets, an interactive game and a physics engine on browser turned out to be a big success!

Flormar wanted to boost their online sales as well as the number of registered users and overall time spent on their website to go along with their November sales campaign. By using Three.js and Ammo.js, we’ve created a fully interactive “aim and shoot” game that transformed the whole website into colourful and fun playground! By shooting at the different blocks of the website, the users were asked to reveal all the letters to write “Flormar” for a further discount coupon on top of the 40% off on the web store.

Throughout the weekend, more than 1.3 million shots were fired and the users spend 23 hours on the website. Overall, the amount of newly registered users and the time spent on the website increased significantly.

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