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Time for a change! Sketch teams up with -99 design studio for its debut Meetup in Turkey!

Posted under UX/UI

On July 11, -99 design studio will hold a designer meetup at SALT Galata to introduce Sketch and its cutting-edge features!

Sketch is a revolutionary design app that dates back to 2008. Since it runs natively on MacOS, Sketch respects your CPU, memory and treats them gently, which undoubtedly added up to its quick success! Sketch’s distinctive Symbols and Shared Styles features make it much easier to work around repetitive items. When combined with apps like inVision, Craft and Principle, Sketch brings nothing but sleek design for you to feast your eyes upon.

-99 design studio started using Sketch over a year and this significantly improved their design process as well as the overall quality of their output. Being aware of their success, Sketch partnered with -99 to meet Turkish designers and share its story.

During the event at Salt Galata, leading designers will share all the key features of Sketch and how it impacted their workflow at -99 design studio. All the attendees will also have a chance to win Sketch licenses and catch up with the latest design trends.

If you live and breathe UI/UX, this meetup is the place to be for you! All event details can be reached from here! Time for a change…

-99 design studio