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  • Inside

    Wow! A deer, a falcon and an octopus

    We are excited to have been recognized and honored by the Awwwards community for our agency website. Take a look.

  • Lab


    It is always exciting to write code and design animation that mimic the nature around us. This experiment uses simple math and minimal geometric shapes to create small figures that move somehow similar to a Jellyfish. All the movements, the rings that form the body the tail and progress, are based on one sinus function. Lanuch Experiment.

    When trying to mimic natural objects it is always important to have a good space for randomness in shape, length, speed etc. The key point that you need to focus on here is to have multiple random values that vary within certain limits and all the aspects of the figure to be relative to these values.

  • Lab

    Image Distortion Mozaic

    PaperJS experiment that creates a cool mozaic effect. It transforms images to a mesh of triangles and applies the average color of the correspondant point in the bitmap to each triangle. Check it on github.

  • UX/UI

    Tiny Smooth Touches

    While transitions and animations look nice on micro websites and portfolios, on an e-commerce websites and apps they look redundant and out of context. While shopping visitors mainly focus on reaching to the content they need in the fastest way and get their job done.

    On the other hand e-commerce websites look mostly boring. The secret is to add small animations that are simple and fluent to make the website or the app look smooth and nice without annoyance. The preview is from Vakkorama App prototype. Check the project here.

  • Lab


    Few lines of code to create beautiful random colorful flowers. An experiment using PaperJS. You can check and play around with it on JSFiddle.

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