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Event & Workshop: Good Design = Good Business

Event date: September 20, 2019

Our most crowded event to date, Good Design = Good Business tried to bridge design with profitable, sales driven businesses to somewhat bring designs into reality.

The workshop welcomed almost 100 designers from well known local and global companies such as Turkcell, Yemeksepeti, Vodafone and more.

It started with emotional design presentation from our Lead UX Designer Gökçen Yılmaz then went on with Flormar’s case study on experience and conversion rate by Gökhan Özkan.

We challenged our attendees with our interactive Bricks [minus] Blocks activity and pushed their creativity to the limits by giving them certain tasks on creating wireframes, designing features and such.

Afterwards, we had a presentation on mobile oriented design and user perception by Koçtaş’s Ömer Tokuş and in the final presentation, our creative director Alaa Alnuaimi shared valuable tips on mobile oriented UI and UX solutions.

The event concluded with an open discussion panel that focused on UX, UI, theory and practice.

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