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The Speed Element of Design

Event date: October 16, 2018

Our third, most extended and the most crowded workshop to date was The Speed Element of Design.

The Speed Element of Design focused on seamless, smooth and meaningful browsing experiences as well as how to make the best of the tools at designers’ disposal. We first had our creative director Alaa Alnuaimi talk on the element of speed in web design and give tips and tricks on easing mobile browsing by providing real-time examples.

The workshop also highlighted Sketch’s update 52 and went on providing further information on the current design tools by our art director Melike Pınar Ulupınar.

For the last part, we had the one and only Designation from Chicago join us for a full on 90 minutes lecture. Designation is world’s leading UX bootcamp and for our event, they did a presentation on how to ensure the efficiency of design projects and teams with the least amount of means.

The Speed Element of Design welcomed more than 70 designers from famous global and local agencies. You can watch all the presentations from the workshop on our YouTube page.

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