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  • Inside . UX/UI

    Meetup: The Speed Element of Design

    For our 3rd and the most crowded design meetup, we teamed up with Sketch App and Designation to talk about the element of speed in digital design at SALT Galata in Istanbul.

    The focus was to be able to provide our attendees with valuable tips and tricks on how to establish smooth interfaces and maximize the perception of speed. Renowned UX & UI bootcamp Designation also did a remote presentation on how to work more efficiently and as a team with less resources and more constraints.

  • Lab

    Ready, Aim, Fire!

    Our latest project for Flormar including lots and lots of colourful pellets, an interactive game and a physics engine on browser turned out to be a big success!

    Flormar wanted to boost their online sales as well as the number of registered users and overall time spent on their website to go along with their November sales campaign. By using Three.js and Ammo.js, we’ve created a fully interactive “aim and shoot” game that transformed the whole website into colourful and fun playground! By shooting at the different blocks of the website, the users were asked to reveal all the letters to write “Flormar” for a further discount coupon on top of the 40% off on the web store.

    Throughout the weekend, more than 1.3 million shots were fired and the users spend 23 hours on the website. Overall, the amount of newly registered users and the time spent on the website increased significantly.

  • Lab . UX/UI

    3 core aspects of design but 1 focus. What do designers overlook?

    Design has been a part of human life probably since the very beginning. Maybe functionality was the only desire back then, but people always loved creating “pretty” looking things and staring at them over and over again. But what about actually using those designs? Read this short article on Medium.

  • UX/UI

    Time for a change! Sketch teams up with -99 design studio for its debut Meetup in Turkey!

    On July 11, -99 design studio will hold a designer meetup at SALT Galata to introduce Sketch and its cutting-edge features!

    Sketch is a revolutionary design app that dates back to 2008. Since it runs natively on MacOS, Sketch respects your CPU, memory and treats them gently, which undoubtedly added up to its quick success! Sketch’s distinctive Symbols and Shared Styles features make it much easier to work around repetitive items. When combined with apps like inVision, Craft and Principle, Sketch brings nothing but sleek design for you to feast your eyes upon.

    -99 design studio started using Sketch over a year and this significantly improved their design process as well as the overall quality of their output. Being aware of their success, Sketch partnered with -99 to meet Turkish designers and share its story.

    During the event at Salt Galata, leading designers will share all the key features of Sketch and how it impacted their workflow at -99 design studio. All the attendees will also have a chance to win Sketch licenses and catch up with the latest design trends.

    If you live and breathe UI/UX, this meetup is the place to be for you! All event details can be reached from here! Time for a change…

  • Inside

    Wow! A deer, a falcon and an octopus

    We are excited to have been recognized and honored by the Awwwards community for our agency website. Take a look.

  • Lab


    It is always exciting to write code and design animation that mimic the nature around us. This experiment uses simple math and minimal geometric shapes to create small figures that move somehow similar to a Jellyfish. All the movements, the rings that form the body the tail and progress, are based on one sinus function. Lanuch Experiment.

    When trying to mimic natural objects it is always important to have a good space for randomness in shape, length, speed etc. The key point that you need to focus on here is to have multiple random values that vary within certain limits and all the aspects of the figure to be relative to these values.

  • Lab

    Image Distortion Mozaic

    PaperJS experiment that creates a cool mozaic effect. It transforms images to a mesh of triangles and applies the average color of the correspondant point in the bitmap to each triangle. Check it on github.

  • UX/UI

    Tiny Smooth Touches

    While transitions and animations look nice on micro websites and portfolios, on an e-commerce websites and apps they look redundant and out of context. While shopping visitors mainly focus on reaching to the content they need in the fastest way and get their job done.

    On the other hand e-commerce websites look mostly boring. The secret is to add small animations that are simple and fluent to make the website or the app look smooth and nice without annoyance. The preview is from Vakkorama App prototype. Check the project here.

  • Lab


    Few lines of code to create beautiful random colorful flowers. An experiment using PaperJS. You can check and play around with it on JSFiddle.

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