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    Turkey’s biggest sports product retailer, Koray Spor, was established in 1984. Since then, they’ve been offering a great variety of sports goods from distinguished brands, both in store and online. Over the course of years, we have been working with Koray Spor. Back in 2017, having taken our key findings regarding the website’s overall flow, UX/UI and more, we decided to collaborate once again to do a re-design.

  • The Brief

    Koray Spor’s main concern was the inconsistency between designs on different category pages. They wanted a matching and sustainable design concept that was flexible for different needs on different pages. On the other hand, they sought optimizations for search and navigation areas.

  • Approach

    With the vast number of products Koray Spor offers, their online experience had to be crystal clear and easily navigable. So our starting point was to find the best search experience, by diverse benchmarking and internal research.

    Our findings on Google Analytics and Hotjar showed us that most of the users didn’t really use shortcuts and quick filtering modules on the website. Instead of these options, they were more likely to use the search bar, which showed limited product options and without any sort of ordering. With the new design, the search bar became a smart tool that showed both products and related categories.

    To fulfill the needs on different category pages, we focused on creating a guideline with different modules. According to users behavior, we designed several banner options, product displays and quick filtering tools, that were flexible and easily applicable to the website, even when the need is urgent.

    Thanks to the carefully planned information architecture and airy design, a system this complex can now look so clean and feel so straightforward.

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