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Five Years Five Years

Five Years


An experimental website celebrating five years of -99 design studio by shedding light on some of the highlights and achievements we had during these years.


Services & Scope

  • Visual Design
  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Creative Coding
  • Website


For our five year milestone we wanted to sum up all our highlights and present them in a beautiful and engaging way to the world.

Our Approach

We decided to go with a beautiful immersive 3D visual experience with a simple scroll-based navigation.
The structure is made up of six levels stacked on each other to form a tower. The experience begins with a small blob emerging from the light and traveling upwards within the tower.

The user of the website is following the blob along the six levels looking around and interacting with the informations displayed on the screen to reach in the end to the final section in which the blob starts reflecting cuts from our showreel representing the work we have produced over the years.


  • We got a ton of heart warming comments from friends in the industry across the globe
  • FWA Of The Day
  • Site Of The Day
  • Developer Award
  • Mobile Excellence
  • Site Of The Day
  • 1st, Technology
  • 1st, Microsite
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