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Ukinox Ukinox



Ukinox produces functional and affordable products inspired by and designed for peoples’ everyday needs.


Services & Scope

  • UX Research & Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Visual Design
  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Style Guide
  • Content Guidelines
  • Website
  • E-commerce
  • Branding
  • Design System


Kitchen sinks, stoves and ovens despite having a vital role in every household they are not very often purchased. And most of the customers know very little about the price range, technical features and available options of the products.

Our Approach

We first redesigned the logo and branding materials of Ukinox to give the brand a fresh contemporary look and allow for a more versatile usage of branding materials.

As there are not many examples of e-commerce websites in this market vertical, several iterations of the sitemap were needed to come an understandable menu structure. We created detailed guidelines for product visuals and other ambient brand visuals.

With the modular mix and match widget, no matter where you start in the journey, you can end up combining several products and getting a consolidated price for your selection.
Descriptive icons were used to convey to the customers easy to understand information about the products.


  • A benchmark e-commerce website specialized in kitchen sinks and built-in appliances
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